Welcome to the World!

Dear parent, Congratulations!!


We hope that you liked your welcome pack and are getting to know your bundle of joy.   

Our packs were co-created with Midwives, parents and international groups who already supply similar packs to Hospitals in Their countries.


If you are looking for local support groups you can find some links below:

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Down's syndrome Association

If you are looking for a local support group in England, you can find a list on The Down's Syndrome Association website.

Please click DSA image to go to their page.

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Down's syndrome Scotland

If you are looking for a local support group in Scotland, you can find a list on the Down's syndrome Scotland website.

Please click DSS image to go to their page.

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Positive about Down syndrome

A website by parents for parents and parents to be.

There is a closed Facebook group for new parents: (8) DSUK PADS Positive about Down syndrome - New Parents | Facebook

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Welcome to the World

These packs have been co-produced with midwives, parents and other groups and aim to welcome new parents to the Down syndrome community and signpost them on to support.

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Order your pack

If you would like to order a welcome pack for a new baby born with Down's syndrome, please leave your postage details letting us know If you would prefer a girl's or boy's outfit.

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Thank you for ordering a newborn pack


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