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Eliza says

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What is Eliza says?


‘Eliza says’ is an app which is Available to download now.

Our aim is to break down some of the communication barriers which deaf children & adults face in their daily life, to inspire everyone of all ages & abilities to learn some sign and mainly to promote inclusion for everyone who relies on sign to communicate. 


Who is Eliza?

Eliza is a 4 year old girl who has CHARGE syndrome.


CHARGE syndrome is a rare & complex condition which affects her severely in many ways including her breathing, eating & hearing. Eliza is deaf & has a tracheostomy tube, due to this Eliza has learnt British Sign Language/Sign supported English to communicate.


Eliza’s tracheostomy tube puts her at a higher risk of respiratory infections so this year, the year she should have been enjoying her first year at primary school she has been shielding at home as a high risk individual. 


Whilst shielding with the guidance, support & generosity of a family friend @tonyrollins , we have created an app to share basic sign language with the UK. 

Please take the time to download the app for free & watch Eliza’s videos. Eliza has had so much fun making them & her infectious smile will inspire anyone to give British sign language a go.

You can follow Eliza’s & her mum on their journey via Instagram @chargeonwardsandupwards

Brandon Lack Art



Brandon is a 48 year old Artist who happens to have Down syndrome.


Based in Austin, Texas Brandon’s artist career began when he was just old enough to make marks on a page.



As a toddler Brandon developed a self-soothing meditative circle drawing process. Brandon's artistic expression has always been connected to combating stress.



In January of 2015 Brandon was diagnosed with a second cancer, and since then he has redoubled his artistic practice, channelling any challenges he faces into creativity.



Brandon's art can be found at, where he sells both originals and prints. Every few months they do a 40% off sale on prints!


You can follow Brandon’s journey on Facebook: (2) Brandon Lack | Facebook and Instagram: Brandon Lack (@brandonlackstudio) • Instagram photos and videos

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Dark Horse Theatre

Dark Horse

launch #FutureLoading

20th Jan 2021


“Dark Horse Theatre present #FutureLoading...  

Three different people, three different stories, three different experiences of being an adult.  

@darkhorse_uk #TheKeeper” 

#FutureLoading a Dark Horse theatre production, is the first instalment of an ambitious project four years in the making questioning the definition of ‘adult’ and the unwritten criteria around ‘adulting’.  A dynamic animation and music by Richard Littlewood which platforms the voices of three adults with learning disabilities, their many varied successes, perspectives, opinions and ambitions. 


What can you do to support this production?

On the 20th of January watch #FutureLoading by searching Dark Horse Theatre UK on YouTube or by following this link:, share it across your social media platforms with #FutureLoading and tag @darkhorse_uk. Tell as many people as you can, followers, friends, fans. Dark Horse want to make sure that this exciting and original short is seen by as many people as possible. After all, #RepresentationMatters


Find out more at:

Follow on Instagram: Dark Horse Theatre Group (@darkhorsetheatre) • Instagram photos and videos Facebook: (18) Dark Horse Theatre UK | Facebook  & Twitter: Dark Horse Theatre (@darkhorse_uk) / Twitter


Fair Shot Café, where everybody gets an equal chance to start a career.

Launching in London, September 2021 Fair shot Café aims to Remove the barriers that prevent people with a learning disability from working and to advocate for competitive and integrated employment.

To be a vessel for creating change and acceptance by challenging public perception of people with a learning disability.

And to help people understand the strength of togetherness by building bridges in the community, bringing local community together.

They think everybody should have a fair shot, and so do we! are based in London

Registered Charity no - 1190582 


Follow them on social media: @FairShotCafe

You can Join their social movement and donate to their fundraising page:

#Inclusion #EmploymentChain #luckyfew #Coffee #Barista #StartUp #ShopLocal #DiffAbility #EqualOpportunity

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The Escapist

14 year old and his siblings become international Film Festival entrants.

14 year old Sam made a film with his brother and sister to enter an international film competition called the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

@DisabilityChall that aims to provide opportunities for people with disabilities.


The competition was launched by American actor Nic Novicki. As someone with a disability, Nic wanted to give people with disabilities an opportunity to showcase their talents. Despite being the largest minority group, people with disabilities are the least represented in media.


This competition exists because the more attention these films get, the more people with disabilities around the world are employed as a result, as people see and think of disability differently.


Sam’s older brother James had the idea of entering a film and of Sam having the starring role. James has only just turned 18 himself. It’s a time-limited competition so the whole thing was filmed and edited by the children in 48 hrs.


This year the given theme was for it to be a “mockumentary”. The final phase of the event (from now to April 5th) is to get publicity for the films so as to raise awareness of the talents and potential of people with disabilities. It can be viewed on







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