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#HearOurVoice #RaiseYourStandards #NoPlaceForHate

We have been campaigning for #Amazon to stop allowing sellers to list items which have slogans that would be viewed as Hate Speech.

Over 40 charities from around the world signed our open letter asking #Amazon to review ther policies and procedures, to put algorithms in place that would stop these items getting to the point of sale.

The open letter is signed by: The Down's syndrome association (England), National Downs syndrome association (USA), Down's syndrome Scotland (Scotland), Royal Mencap (UK), Down's syndrome international (International), Wall 47 (Iran), Lejeune clinic, DSUK (UK), Don't screen us out (UK), Perfectly me (Canada), Making Chromosomes count (UK), Julie fisher (Australia), Down's syndrome research foundation (UK), Positive about Down's syndrome (International), West House (England), Saving Down Syndrome (International), 21 & Co (England), Portsmouth DSSA (England), CornwallDSSG (England), East Lancashire DSSG (England), DSActive (England), Hijinx (UK), 21 Together (England), Carlisle Mencap (England), North lancashire, DSFS (England), Josephine & Jack project (UK), The ups of downs (England), wecan access(UK), Wouldn't change a thing (UK), Cotswold dssg (England), Shine 21 Dorset buddy club (England), York DSSG (England), Down with the Kidz North East (England), Nottinghamshire DSSG, East Lincolnshire DSFSG (England), Get on Downs DSSG (England), Upwards with Downs (England), Project 21 (England), PSDS (England), CAAP (England), DSNE (England), Disability North (England), Ups N downs (England), Take 5 n chat (England), Up on Downs (England), Bromley DSSG (England), Diff-Ability CIC

as well as the support of chrities and organisations who collectively represent thousands of people, hundreds more from the Down's syndrome community shared images of themseles. Bringing their own voice to social media, asking #Amazon to #HearOurVoice and #RaiseYourStandards as there is #NoPlaceForHate.

The community really came together, not just in the UK, but from around the world. Thank you, you are all amazing!!

You can support us by signing our petition here:

We would like to thank everybody who supported us and continues to support us with this campaign.

You can read more here:

This is not the first time they have had media coverage over these products:

We think enough is enough. We are sick of having to Police Amazon and feel they should take responsibility for what is being listed on their platform. We believe they have a duty of care to stop Hate speech being listed for sale.

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